Bedrush silver Bespoke Bed With 4 Drawers and Wing Headboard



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 Bedrush Silver Bed with Storage Option

Upgrade your bedroom with the timeless allure of the Bedrush Silver Bespoke  Bed With 4 Drawers and Wing Headboard. in addition Its exquisite silver tone introduces an air of refinement, while the inclusion of 4 generously-sized drawers brings a practical edge, allowing you to keep your essentials organized and out of sight.

Bespoke Bed With 4 Drawers

Unleash the epitome of customized luxury through this bespoke bed. Meticulously crafted, it marries practicality and elegance, ensuring that you relish both an opulent sleep experience and a clutter-free environment. The provision of four capacious drawers beneath the bed ensures that your storage needs are met with utmost ease.

Wing Headboard

Immerse yourself in the world of sophistication with the inclusion of a wing headboard. however This distinctive design feature not only lends an element of grandeur to your sleeping space but also increase your comfort levels. With its plush padding and one-of-a-kind design, the wing headboard is the ultimate expression of aesthetics meeting function.

Stylish Style

The silver hue of the bed harmonizes seamlessly with a myriad of decor themes, enabling it to serve as a versatile and adaptable addition to your room. Its neutral yet alluring shade injects a touch of glamour into any setting, allow you to effortlessly curate a chic atmosphere.

Cozy Comfort

Experience the  cozy and comfort as you recline on this Bed With 4 Drawers and Wing Headboard. Designed to offer an retreat after a long day, its embrace is both luxury and comfort. The fusion of exceptional design and premium materials ensures that every night’s sleep is an absolute delight.


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Headboard: 110cm, thick : 9cm
Siderail: 35cm, thick : 4cm
Footboard: 35cm, thick : 5cm
Leg: 5cm Black legs With 4 Drawers


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