Double Divan Bed + Drawers Storage + 26″ Headboard + 54″ Floor Standing Headboard + Choice Of Mattress


Double Divan Bed With Mattress

Finding reasonably priced divan beds for double divan beds that don’t break the bank, especially if you are located next to a railway line.

 A good night’s sleep is the foundation of our health: we need all body parts to be in perfect harmony. But the quality of our sleep suffers in the absence of adequate support.

When shopping for beds, it seems as if there are so many choices that it can make your head spin. That’s why it’s great to have a product like the divan bed. It is sleek and stylish and has everything you need for a relaxing sleep. The mattress comes with a divan base with built-in storage, making your room look tidy even with all the equipment needed for a good night’s rest.

The Double Divan Bed With Mattress has been built to provide good back and joint support while you sleep, no matter what time of night. The bed frame features allow air to circulate freely and keep your mattress fresh. Visit Now

Delivery Services

We all know how difficult it is to browse for furniture at a store. Being chased by salespeople while driving there and queuing to enter a claustrophobic showroom maze! What a nightmare!

By buying online, you may save both time and money. This divan bed frame may be deliver to your home at a reasonable fee. Standard delivery, as well as delivery to a specific room, are also options.


  • 12 to 14 inch High Divan Base Included
  • Solid timber frame construction
  • Castor Wheels Included (Free)
  • 3FT Divan Base Comes In Part1
  • 4FT, 4FT6, 5FT & 6FT Bed Base Comes In 2 Parts
  • Storage options available with this base type
  • 2 Drawers, 4 Drawers, and Foot-end Drawers are provide with this bed base
  • Handmade in the UK & Meets All UK & EU Safety Standards, Including Fire Retardant
  • The assembly option is available.



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