Ottoman Beds

If you are looking for a new bed that gives you a good night’s sleep then an ottoman bed is the best choice for you. These beds come with different storage options. So if you are looking for a bed that save a lot of space in your room then ottoman bed is perfect for you.

At bedrush we have wide range of ottoman beds, so you can easily find a frame that will complement your boudoir.

What sizes are available for an ottoman bed frame?

3ft-Single: Single ottoman beds are approximately 211cm long and 103cm wide and with storage depth approx. 24cm. 3ft-Single ottoman bed is the perfect for small bedrooms

4ft-Small Double: If you don’t have enough room for double bed. Then a small double ottoman bed is perfect for you.

4ft6”-Double: A double ottoman bed is approximately 190cm long and 135cm wide

5ft-King: king size ottoman bed provides plenty of sleeping space as well as an abundance of storage within the bed frame. Kings bed are
approximately 200cm long and 150cm wide.

6ft-Super King: Super king ottoman bed gives you an ultimate luxury feel.

What Are the Benefits of an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds have many benefits, but the most important benefit of ottoman bed is that it provides storage. If you have a bedroom with limited space or you want to keep things tidy. Then ottoman bed with storage option is the perfect choice for you.

If you have children, an ottoman bed can work well to store their toys, extra blankets and many other things. This will help you to free space in your room.

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