Kids Beds

Getting your children to go to sleep can be tricky. At bedrush with our range of fun and functional kids beds you can easily get them to love bedtime. Whatever the age of your children is we guarantee you will find what you are looking for. Children loves a bed that is just for them. That’s why at bedrush we stock a superb array of kid’s beds

Some children want to do homework on bed, so one of our sleep station beds is just perfect for you. It combines a kids bed with storage and a desk underneath. This bed is a perfect space-saving piece of furniture for their room
Children’s beds are often much more than just beds, so select a good looking bed through our wide range of beds. As there could be some with amazing features that you would never thought of before.

What are the different types of kids beds?

We have a wide range of children’s bed frames to suit all ages:

Standard beds: Standard bed frames are a model when it comes to children’s beds as their guarantee to not go out of style.

Cabin & desk beds: The bed is raised, with a ladder to climb up and down. And have underneath storage option. These beds are available in the mid sleeper and high sleeper options.

High sleeper beds: High sleepers bed is the perfect option for older children. High sleepers provide space underneath to sleep, and provide attach work and store items. That’s why these beds are the perfect option for teenagers.

Buy perfect Kid bed for your children at bedrush with affordable prices. If you have any question, please message us we will response you ASAP!