Divan Bed

A divan bed comes with two-part one is the divan base and the other is the matching mattress. The base of the bed acts as a platform for the mattress and also this base contains drawers for storage. So you can easily hide unusual things in these drawers. These beds also come with wheels, so you can easily move the bed around your bedroom. We are also offering a divan bed with headboard. All of our divan bases are compatible with our range of headboards.

The Benefits of a Divan Bed

Divan bed contain mattress and a platform base include so you do not have to worry about finding separate mattresses and bed frames. Due to this you can easily buy a divan bed you just simply need to choose the divan bed of your desire and if you would like to add a headboard then go with it.

Divan beds come with drawer so it helps you to free up space in your drawers and wardrobe too. This make divan bed is the perfect choice for your bedrooms where floor space is a premium. These drawers are very roomy, so you can easily hide all your clutter stored discreetly under your bed

Most importantly, the divan bed comes with different mattress options, So if you prefer a traditional spring mattress or a memory foam mattress, you still have the option to select one of them.

Storage Options

Divan beds come with different storage options. You can select a divan bed with 1, 2 or even 4 drawers. Our 2+2 drawer divan bed have two combined drawers at any side of the bed, with one larger drawer at the foot end.

If you’re looking for something more efficient, our 1 drawer divans come with a single large drawer at the side of the bed.

Mattresses for divans 

Mostly our cheap divan beds come with a mattress. But if you want to purchase base only or want to buy a mattress of your choice. We have the options that allow you to choose the bed base and matters of your choice separately. We have a variety of mattress available from supercoil spring mattresses for support, memory foam mattresses ideal for anyone who suffers from back pain.

Moreover, at Bedrush you can check out our other mattress options for firmness levels and support that would suit you best.

Easy to assemble

You can easily assemble your divan bed. Divan bed will come in two base halves (one whole piece if you buy a single-sized divan bed), complete with divan legs and a headboard if you’ve chosen one. Follow these step-by-step divan bed assembly instructions:

Turn the two base halves upside-down and attach the divan legs
Turn the bases over and push together, securing them with the locking clips on either side
Add the headboard (if you’ve chosen one) using the pre-drilled sockets. The sockets are found at both ends of the bed, for convenience.

We are offering cheap divan beds in various colours and styles. If you have any question regarding shipping policy or anything. Just contact us at sales@bedrush.co.uk we will respond to you ASAP!