Day Beds

A day bed is the best option for those who have short storage. The day bed acts as a sofa in the day and at night it can easily convert into a sleeper sofa so you can get some all-important sleep. At Bedrush, we have a wide collection of beds includes metal, wooden, divan, upholstered bed and rattan day beds. So browse our stylish range of beds and select a daybed with a trundle for you. This bed is the perfect alternative to a sofa. Because day bed is a useful piece of furniture as it looks perfect in a bedroom as well as in a living room or even a conservatory. In the day it is a perfect comfortable sofa, with complete back and armrests. And at night, it can easily transform into a sleeper sofa by the simple act of doing nothing at all!

The daybed is perfect because it is a single mattress in the frame of a sofa. So you can easily get all the comfort and dimensions of a bed when you are lying down, or a long sofa when you are sitting on it. A small daybed with trundle is perfect for small rooms that do not have much room for a separate bed and sofa.

All of our daybeds are manufactured from solid, high-quality pine and are incredibly easy to assemble. At Bedrush we have a wide range of classic colours including pure white and silk grey. So select the best bed from our wide range. If you have any query regarding day beds just message us at  sales@bedrush.co.uk. We will respond to you ASAP!