Crushed Velvet Beds

Crushed Velvet Beds are one of the most lavish complete bed outlines currently available. At Bedrush we have a variety of crushed velvet beds with velvet headboard in a wide range of popular sizes; such as 3ft single, 4ft double, 4ft6 double, 5ft king size and 6ft super king size.

Our range of crushed velvet beds and velvet headboard is available in an array of colours such as silver, grey and white. Crushed velvet beds are really soft with a charming texture that can be improved with colour and visual pattern.

Moreover, The choice of the right velvet bed can be the crown jewel of your bedroom decoration. Select one of our wide range of bed that matches the rest of your bedroom decoration. Also, This can Convert your plain old bedroom into a royal suite.

At Bedrush you can browse through our crushed velvet single bed inventory and you will see that we have a wide range of crushed velvet double bed to choose from. A crushed velvet bed also comes with different storage options. You can select a storage bed if you are working with a room offering limited storage. We are also offering different mattress option with these crushed velvet single bed, so you select the mattress which suits you most.

Mattresses options

We also give the option of a mattress with these crushed double bed. You can choose any type of mattress of your choice with these beds. The mattresses we offer with these beds set perfectly with the frame. The frame is constructed in such a way that the mattress is fully comfortable. No one can beat the comfort of the complete bed set.

Want to buy other beds browse the website we have a wide collection of beds like a metal bunk bed, wooden beds, day beds and many more. If you have any query just message us at bedrushuk@gmail.com. We will respond to you ASAP!